Calpe Spain Legionnaires Disease

Vazquez Lawyers Spain legionnaires more info +34609610197 Britons die after contracting Legionnaires’ disease in Spain Three British men have died and three more people are in hospital after contracting Legionnaires’ disease while on holiday in Spain. The pensioners died after staying at the Diamante Beach Hotel in Calpe, Costa Blanca, Saga Holidays said. One died in hospital on Thursday. Another was found dead in a hotel room. Five others who recently stayed at the same hotel were treated in UK hospitals and all but one had been discharged, the company added. Another person who had been hospitalised in Spain has since been discharged. All those affected are in their 70s or 80s. A Saga spokesman said it was told a customer was being treated for pneumonia caused by legionella on 14 January. ‘Flu-like symptoms’ “When that happened we immediately sent out a scientific expert to Spain,” the spokesman said. After water samples were tested, all clients were moved to a new hotel. People who had stayed at the 283-room Diamante in the previous month were advised to see a GP if they had flu-like symptoms. One of the victims had not previously reported being ill and died in his room […] Leer Mas

EU Court Rules Against Spain on Inheritance Taxes Involving Foreigners

VAZQUEZ LAWYER MALAGA-MARBELLA-SPAIN CONTACT +34952215859   +34609610197 European Court of Justice Says Spanish Tax System Is in Breach of EU Treaties Europe’s top court ruled Wednesday against Spain in a case that may force the country to lower the lucrative taxation of inheritances involving nonresidents. The Luxembourg-based European Court of Justice said that, by applying high tax rates in cases where either the deceased or the recipient of the inheritance is a nonresident, the country is in breach of European Union treaties. In inheritances involving Spanish residents only, such rates are much lower.  court spokesman said Spain must comply with the ruling, but it is unclear when the country will incorporate it in its legislation. A spokeswoman for Spain’s Budget Ministry, which is in charge of tax issues, didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment. The European Commission first told Spain to change its legislation regarding inheritance and donation tax in 2010 and, after Spain failed to comply, it brought the case before the European court. The alleged discrimination is a result of the complex setup of inheritance tax management and collection in the country. Spain’s regional governments manage and collect these taxes, and many regions have mechanisms in […] Leer Mas

MacAnthony Juzgado Marbella

MacAnthony Juzgado Marbella Vazquez Lawyers Málaga TELEFONO 952215859 Declaran en Marbella seis exdirectivos de una inmobiliaria tras una denuncia por estafa Medio centenar de extranjeros acusan a los responsables de MacAnthony de quedarse con 500.000 euros entregados para muebles El conocido exdirectvo inmobiliario Darragh Macanthony ha regresado hoy a Marbella para declarar ante el titular del Juzgado de Instrucción número 4 tras la denuncia por estafa y apropiación indebida presentada por medio centenar de ciudadanos extranjeros. Los afectados, británicos e irlandeses, ratificaron hace un mes una querella en los juzgados de Marbella. En su día confiaron a esta empresa la compra de mobiliario para viviendas ubicadas en diversas partes del mundo como Turquía, Bulgaria, Cabo Verde, Italia, Francia y Marruecos, donde la inmobiliaria tenía presencia. Junto a Macanthony, hoy deben comparecer otros directivos como Dominic Pickering, Michael John Liggan, Sarah Ocallaghan, Nicola Victoria Shaw, y Fernando Arespacochaga Alcalá del Olmo. El primero en declarar ha sido Darrah Macanthoy, que llegaba a los juzgados minutos después de las diez de la mañana, y donde ha permanecido hasta pasadas las doce. A su salida no ha querido harcer declaraciones. Los querellantes acusan a los exdirectivos de la empresa de quedarse con entre 500.000 y 600.000 […] Leer Mas

Russian Investment Costa del Sol Malaga Vazquez Lawyers

Russian Investment Costa del Sol Malaga Vazquez Lawyers VAZQUEZ LAWYERS MALAGA MARBELLA SPAIN Businesses on the Costa del Sol welcome Russian investment. The ‘Russian Meeting Point’ trade fair in Marbella helps to shift seaside residences to a buoyant Russian market Activity in the function rooms of the Hotel Padierna in Marbella, has been frenetic. There’s barely a pause between handshakes and the handing over of credit cards, during the two days of the ‘Russian Meeting Point’ property fair. The 42 estate agents trying to sell some of the 40,000 empty residences on the Costa del Sol have left nothing to chance. While most negotiations take place in the language of business, English, there are Russian interpreters standing by to deal with buyers over the age of 40 who, according to Tatiana Odintsova, a Russian estate agent here especially for the event, only speak their own language. Leer Mas

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