The Court Supreme opens the way to thousands of claims of British timeshare fraud apartments INFORMATION AND HELP TIMESHARE IN SPAIN TELEPHONE (34) 952215859. Timeshare or shared regime contracts, a regime between renting a tourist apartment and staying overnight in a hotel that was introduced in Spain at the end of the seventies, is going through a very bad moment. This modality, by which one becomes owner of a sort of apartahotel during a concrete period and over several years, has suffered a varapalo after another from January of 2015 until today before the Supreme Court. And the companies in the sector, many of them based in tax havens and implanted in the tourist coast, are going to pay the consequences. Last July, the number of high court judgments was resolved resolving the nullity of these contracts, opening the door to thousands of potential demands of – mainly British tourists. Specifically and since the Supreme ruled a first trial in early January 2015, there have been 66 Supreme Court rulings always giving reason to the defrauded by timeshare cases; This implies that contracts signed in the past are canceled. And specialized law firms speak of hundreds of thousands of foreigners […] Leer Mas